Modern millinery from vintage inspiration

I took my first millinery course six years ago to learn how to make hats for myself, then loved it so much I wanted to make them for others, too! Since then I have trained both in private studios as well as at craft schools and millinery conferences with wonderful instructors from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Spain. One of my hats was included in an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Mezzanine Gallery in New York City in the Spring of 2019, a huge honor and a big thrill!

I enjoy the meticulous quality of hand-stitching and make all of my hats by hand with the absolute best-quality materials I can find. I love to mix vintage items with modern materials and a modern sensibility. I absolutely swoon over the detailed pattern of a vintage French silk veiling, the plush texture of a high-quality velour felt, the suppleness and sheen of a Japanese ribbon, and the intricacy of a carved Bakelite buckle. It is my great pleasure to share these beautiful materials with others in my handmade hats.

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